In 2019, Ruud van der Splinter of Dutch Luxury Design and Mascha Ekkel of LEEM WONEN joined forces and launched Associates Des Arts,
in order to apply their complementary knowledge and experience for business development in the Art & Interior Design industry.

We have come from a supply-driven economy to a demand-driven economy. The driving force is now being created more and more by generating economies of scale on the demand side of the economy... read more ->

Audience 2019: 264 k
Views 2019: 15,9 mio

Audience: 2020
Up to and including March: 295 k
Views: 2020
Up to and including March: 4.3 mio.

It is our mission to contribute in making the world a happier place, by supporting artists and designers with their business development and by offering a multi-sided network platform... read more -> 

We support parties in the Art & Interior Design industry with their business development, by providing various services related to strategy, vision, marketing and communication and with a multi-sided network platform.... read more ->