In April 1970, twenty million Americans took to the streets to protest against the political denial of the environmental problem and to demand a global, structural approach. With that first historic Earth Day, a worldwide development has been set in motion, which has grown over the years into one of the most extensive movements ever.

When we look at the environmental issues in Europe, we see that there is an urgent need for a drastic turn, to reverse the deterioration of the environment and to guarantee future prosperity. Europe will not achieve its 2030 targets unless rapid action is taken on biodiversity loss, the increasing effects of climate change and the overuse of natural resources.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) report, published in December 2019, indicates that Europe is facing environmental problems of unprecedented magnitude and urgency. However, it also states that there is reason for hope, given the growing public awareness of the need for a sustainable future, technological- and productinnovations, and thanks to various community initiatives.
More and more people are seriously changing their consumer behavior to initiate a trend shift towards a sustainable society. This means, that because of ecological reasons people opt for natural, lightweight design and recycling materials and for a high level of quality. Storytelling, in which the honest story about the whole making of the product is told, is of great importance in this.

With Associates Des Arts, we aim to help making the world a happier place. We all know, that people feel happy by looking at beautiful things, such as art and design. With our platform, where artists and designers present their most beautiful creations and their stories about it, we offer our audience that happiness.

It is not a coincidence that we launch our first magazine in April 2020, fifty years after that first Earth Day. Around the theme ‘Act today for a happier world’, parties in the art and interior design industry tell about their vision for a sustainable future and their contribution to those developments.

We foresee people leaving the printed version of this edition on their coffee table for a long time, browse through it regularly and share the stories with like-minded people. Our online version is for those who are looking for some more ‘depth’ (

If you feel connected to this theme and want to tell and show what moves you and what contribution you make in product development or application of new materials in the art and design industry, please contact us for publication in our Magazine.