The Brafa Art Fair, founded in 1956, is one of the world's oldest and most prestigious art fairs, famous for its high-quality art, antiques, modern and contemporary art and design. Brafa stretches on 9 days from the end of January to the beginning of February. The first major art event of the year is therefore considered a reliable barometer of the art market. Given this, and the fact that I am now increasingly dealing with art within Associates Des Arts, I thought it would be interesting to have a look. So, off to Brussels!

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The organizers of the fair have always worked hard to improve the quality of the participants each year, while striving to retain the event’s individual character and its reputation for eclecticism and friendliness. Also, the fair embraced growing numbers of exhibitors of modern and contemporary art. In 2009, the name ‘Belgian Antiques Fair’ or ‘Foire des Antiquaires de Belgique’ was no longer felt to reflect the scale and range of the fair, which was renamed BRAFA: the Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts Fair. On 30 September 2009, the fair was placed under the High Protection of Her Majesty Queen Paola. Following a complete remodelling of the event in 2014, BRAFA is now synonymous with the title Brussels Art Fair.

The chairman of BRAFA, Harold t’Kint de Roodenbeke, indicates that the fair is increasingly becoming global. This year there were 83 international galleries versus 50 from Belgium. The number of Dutch and Italian galleries grew the most among those international parties. “This indicates a global appeal, with international exchanges becoming more important. I think this mix improves the range of art in general."
I totally agree with that. Also considering that interiors increasingly get an eclectic look because people simply travel more often and take home multicultural influences. Applying art in a mix of styles becomes easier if eclectic art also becomes more accessible.

65th anniversary
BRAFA's 65th birthday was celebrated in an original way with an exclusive exhibition and sale of five segments of the Berlin Wall. This initiative fits well with BRAFA’s ‘soul’, because it is organized by non-profit organizations. The goal is never to make a profit, but to organize a high-quality art fair with the best exhibitors and the most beautiful objects of that moment.
In addition, various interesting Art Talks were organized. The lecture on the upcoming exhibition "Van Eyck - An optical revolution" catched my full attention. Not only because I visited Het Lam Gods in Ghent in 2018 myself, but also because the restoration of this iconic art piece - which lasted three years - was recently completed, received worldwide attention and caused divergent responses.

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 Berlin Wall expo         Lam Gods

A very worthy visit and in my opinion a nice warm-up for the upcoming art events!