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Although Chantal and Arjan have only been operating under the name C’avante Interior & Design since 2018, they are well known as interior designers in this segment. It started eight years ago, under the name Binnenshuis. But meanwhile, their projects are not limited to just indoors. They create complete dream houses, including the exterior.

Chantal: “Our customers want the perfect picture and we want to give them exactly that. I was originally a skipper's child and never had that real home feeling, spending my days at boarding school. That is why I fully understand the need for that ultimate living pleasure. "
Arjan: “At the initial stage of such a process, we also plan an extensive intake interview, so that we can map out all wishes and dreams, but also all irritations and limitations, and then carefully translate them into a suitable design.

C’avante Interior & Design distinguishes itself from other designers by creating elegant interiors with a touch of Italian luxury. Chantal: “We definitely stand out for Dutch Design but we also strive for refined elegance, just like the Italians do. It has to look nice anyway. The feeling that you have when you stay in a nice hotel, where all your high expectations come true. In addition, we want to give our customers the highest attainable comfort and quality level, but not necessarily for the highest prize. Taken together, these aspects enable them to fully enjoy their living environment every day. "

C’avante Interior & Design
Mostaardstraatje 5
5371 AK Ravenstein
Telefoon: +31 (0)85 130 2213

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