How can you build a deeper relationship with your customers and transform them into loyal brand ambassadors? How do you create customer loyalty? And a customer-oriented mindset for the entire organization? And how do you implement new ways of working, supported by strategies, processes and technology where your customer always comes first?

Take part in our online introduction to Customer-led Business Development (klantgeleide bedrijfsontwikkeling) and explore the possibilities of network-effects for ultimate customer relationships for your company. Together with us you discover new ideas to prepare your organization for real customer-led development and how you can achieve this.

We start with an explanation of the subject and discuss your objectives. Using our customer-led business development model, we have an open dialogue about opportunities for customer-driven business activities and innovations. At the end, we determine whether a further dialogue is useful to determine priorities and activities for cooperation and implementation of the generated ideas.

After this online introduction you will have a clear vision of the possibilities for further customer-led business development for your brand and how you can use network-effects and further develop Customer Intimacy in your organization. We then define objective to get there.

This online introduction is intended for artists, interior designers and directors / owners of other art & interior design related companies who want to generate ideas, to further develop their company now and in the near future.

This online discovery introduction is given by Ruud van der Splinter, business development expert and Mascha Ekkel, media & communications expert.

For this online introduction we use Skype and it just takes about 2 hours of your time. The introduction is private due to confidential information, without obligation and free of charge. Planning takes place on the basis of registration. Would you also like to make use of this online introduction? Please, fill in your request and we will contact you by return to plan a date.

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