Dutch designer Karolien van Mensvoort sees her work as a continuous flow of ideas, in which creations of tactile textiles and digital designs influence each other. For more than thirty years, Van Mensvoort has been developing print designs that are used for all kinds of applications, where traces of her fashion background are still visible in her current work.
The illustrations show a refined sense of color and shape and an elegant style in posture and composition.

In her digital drawings she applies patterns, designed for textiles or wall decoration. She draws on her large archive of designs and overlays them in layers, bit by bit. She combines traditional craftsmanship with industrial techniques, resulting in a varied and diverse collection.

Associates Des Arts got to know Karolien during a prestigious exhibition and was immediately charmed by her designs, her passion and her knowledge regarding the craft. We are proud to present you a limited edition of a number of illustrations, which we selected especially for our shop.

Karolien van Mensvoort
Compagnieplaats 106
6822 GE Arnhem
Telephone: +31 (0)6 471 810 11 
Website: karolienvanmensvoort.nl

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