Our Magazines offer Associates the opportunity to share their personal and company stories and to publish inspiring reports.

In the context of Business Development, Associates Des Arts carries out all kinds of targeted online and offline combined marketing, media and communication activities for its Associates. The Associates Des Arts Magazine is part of this.

The Magazine consists of a printed version, in which the reader can experience the story calmly and attentively, in combination with an online version in a specifically developed website, where the reader can find more in-depth, dynamics and interaction. 

Our followers and relations show a growing interest in our content. With the current number of 250k online followers, spread over different channels, we expect significant growth in the upcoming years. That is why we developed a new website specifically for the Associates Des Arts Magazine. The online version is not just a digital version of the printed magazine, but a fully customized website with sponsored stories, clicks to in-depth backgrounds, links to our social media and landing pages of our advertisers and involved in our networks.

With your story, you have the ability to not only refer to a stylish print magazine in your communications, but also to the content in the online magazine. Next to that you can use the content in your own media statements. 

If you want to participate in the Magazine, please download our flyer below for more information and contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The next magazine will be released in April 2020. Final delivery date Friday, March 6, 2020

Download: Flyer | ADA-Magazine - publicatie April 2020

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