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Business Development has never been more important. In today's dynamics, it is of strategic importance for every entrepreneur, also for those within the Art & Interior Design industry, to implement a strategy that secures the continuity and further development of his / her business. Events in our environment are constantly affecting the market position of our companies and we must respond quickly and adequately. As we all experience, the external environment is anything but stable and controllable. That means we have to develop and innovate, because doing what we have always done is not necessarily the best strategy.

Just like any entrepreneur, you may have questions about the continuity and further development of your company. Then it makes sense to have a no-obligation consultation with an expert who knows your industry and has been active in business development for years.

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Vision & Strategy

Vision Development
Strategic Decisionmaking
Innovation & Online
Brand Strategy
Media- & Communication Strategy

Marketing-, Media & Communications

Planning & execution
Content Development
Third party & Custom Made events


Positioning & Co-Branding
Networking & Events
Learning & Mentoring
Online Promotion