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Always nice to start the new year with a visit to IMM Cologne. Not only eye candy for interior lovers, but also because of the update with regard to novelties, trends and innovations. One of those striking, ongoing trends are those of "pure and basic design". That seamlessly connects with the SieMatic lifestyle PURE!

SLX in pressrelease hoofdfoto in blog

A kitchen concept that sets new standards: The new SieMatic SLX PURE

Kitchen trend 1 - Minimalist design
More and more people are seriously changing their consumer behavior to initiate a shift towards a sustainable society. In relation to living and kitchen design, sustainable living in 2020 will be associated, among other things, with uncomplicated, timeless yet elegant interiors in which pure and minimalist design is chosen. Only a few pieces of furniture are the center pieces, where it is important that you are not distracted by unnecessary additions. One of those center pieces is without doubt the kitchen; the ultimate living space.

Kitchen trend 2 - Perfect symbiosis
The more minimalist you live, the more you focus on essentials. Get rid of unnecessary things and only surround yourself with the things that really matter and that make you happy for a long time. That not only gives you peace of mind, but also in your immediate living environment.
When we translate this trend of 2020 into the SieMatic lifestyle PURE, this kitchen collection is not only about optimal balance, but also about functionality, elegant design, the sustainable value of exclusive materials, the precise finish down to the smallest details and a timeless color palette. Within the minimalist design language of SieMatic, all those elements in the design concept of the lifestyle PURE are seamlessly coordinated.

Kitchen trend 3 - Simplicity versus beauty
In 2020 we also want to experience the simplicity and beauty of all new developments and technologies. Advanced nouveautés? Yes please! But let those gadgets be easy to operate and above all ingeniously concealed.
SieMatic has converted the contemporary desire for simplicity versus beauty to the SieMatic SLX PURE; a new interpretation of the handle-free kitchen, as SieMatic first introduced years ago in the kitchen industry. With this, they redefined simplicity in all its beauty. This new kitchen concept was launched during the 90th anniversary of SieMatic and has already been awarded the title of 'Best of Best' by the international experts in the jury of the 'ICONIC AWARDS 2020: Innovation Interior' in the category 'kitchen and household'.

The 2020 kitchen - a subtle eye-catcher
In 2020 we will go for the art of sophistication. For elements that you hardly notice because they belong together, but still make the difference. A beautiful detail or a clever little thing that is part of the logical whole, unnoticed.
The SieMatic lifestyle PURE is designed to merge kitchen and living room. The total concept is fully integrated into the entire interior and through its beautiful fragments. How about dimmable lighting under the counter top so that it seems to float, a wooden back wall with herringbone pattern in the storage cabinets, a splash wall in the same material and in the same color scheme as the surrounding walls and last but not least some elegant "brass finishes"? In this way, the 2020 kitchen will become a subtle eye-catcher.

The new handle free SieMatic SLX PURE in blog         In the style collection PURE in blog 
The new handle-free SieMatic SLX PURE   In the style collection PURE, omission becomes an art form


If these kitchen trends appeal to you and you are currently orientating yourself on an interior that connects to this, then you are most welcome at the flagship store of SieMatic at the Vondelpark.