The Sustainability Art exhibition is currently on display in the Kunst centrum Haarlem, where sixteen artists present their views on sustainability in various ways. As so-called traveling warriors, they pay attention to global warming, pollution of the oceans and overall waste. They previously did that at the Pulchri Studio in The Hague, the CBK in Amsterdam and the TU in Delft. Next stop: Russia.
One of those traveling warriors is artist Jos Out, who has been working with Dutch Luxury Design and Associates Des Arts for some time. We visited her in Haarlem, where she talked about her contribution to Sustainable Art.

Met Jos Out hoofdfoto in blog
A picture is worth a thousand words
At the exhibition, we see a wide variety of sustainability statements. Such as jewelry made from coffee cups, upcycled paintings from second hand shops, an impressive series of edited photos and a sculpture where the waste of medicines is exposed. The artists in question hope to serve as an example to other organizations and thereby stimulate a broader awareness of sustainability to stimulate further discussions. Curator Saskia Gras: "Artists are able to make complex subjects tangible that would otherwise remain abstract, with only one object."

From old to new life
During Sustainable Art, Jos Out brings old gravestones of Greek marble back to life with new sculptures. These particular pieces are the gravestones of the (in-laws) parents of Jos' friends, who were released after clearing their graves.
Ragazza Alta, which means tall girl, is an elegant white marble object, on which patches of the woman's first and last name are still visible.
With the other object, called Flusso, the movement from old to new - a new life - is depicted.
Jos: “Without reuse, such a marble stones would be crushed and turned into rubble for the construction of asphalt roads. With my contribution I hereby ask for the prevention of that ‘far from sustainable’ process. ”

het werk in blog    van verschillende hoeken in blog 
 The start        Beautiful sculpture by Jos Out


The exhibition is free to visit until 14 March. You can find more information about this at sustainable-art-fair 

For more artworks by Jos Out, go to Dutch Luxury Design - Jos Out