What is the impact of art on the next generation? TEFAF kicked off the 2020 edition of this world famous art event with that question. Patrick van Maris, CEO of TEFAF, said: “In an era where sustainability and well-being are important themes, it is good to know why
the next generation spends money on art and what the impact of art is on their lives.” TEFAF commissioned ArtTactic to conduct an analysis. This is published in the 2020 TEFAF Art Market Report. In this blog we will discuss some striking results.

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More positive view of the world
No less than 91% of the respondents (the so-called millennials; the generation born between 1980 and 2000) indicated, that art influences their view of the world.
The Dutch online newspaper AD.nl published an article on March 8,2020 about burnouts and depression among millennials: of the more than 3 million young adults, 100,000 are at home and 3 of the 4 students suffer from emotional exhaustion, depression and anxiety disorders at some point.
And it was already known, that people feel inspired and charged up after a museum visit, so discovering new perspectives becomes more positive. So, dear parents, take them to a museum or give them a work of art for their birthday!

Giving makes you happy
Also noteworthy is, that 72% of the millennials surveyed have a sense of social commitment when they can help protect art. In history, art patronage refers to the financial support provided by royal houses, popes and musicians, for example. Of course, as art lovers, with their thick wallets, they have been able to make a substantial contribution. But much more important in this perspective is: giving makes you happy. Giving is receiving, said Deepak Chopra (physician, writer and Nobel Prize winner).
Didn’t you just read in the heading above, that many millennials are depressed? Isn't then giving to art something like 1 + 1 = 3?

Assured of a long future
Isn’t art the purest definition of sustainability? Preserved for multiple generations and made with materials that stand the test of time. Light artist William Brand of Brand van Egmond, who has been associated with this prestigious art fair for years, creates so-called ‘new heritage’ with his contemporary collections. Orpheus, William’s recent work that was presented at this TEFAF edition, is inspired by one of the most legendary poets and singers in Greek mythology. He had such a magical voice, that it even hypnotized stones. William shaped these semi-precious stones, gold minerals and delicate roses - captured in a protective embrace of casted bronze - into new light sculptures, that are guaranteed for a long future and will amaze many generations.

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But no matter how important the themes of well-being and sustainability are for the future of art, the primary motive for 94% of the art patrons is a passion for art, ArtTactic says. So hey, if art is something that gets you excited and happy, then do something with it! Ultimately, art is an investment in yourself.