We have come from a supply-driven economy to a demand-driven economy. This has major effects on the success of business formulas. The driving force is now being created more and more by generating economies of scale on the demand side of the economy, which previously was mainly on the supply side. Due to the possibilities of modern Information Technology, this is increasingly taking place in platforms; digital networks in which so-called network effects occur. Network effects arise when participants in such a network create value for other participants. The larger the network, the richer the data, the more valuable the platform for everyone is.

With these platforms, the competitive advantage has increased and is more transparent for the participants compared to traditional providers that stand alone. Customers enjoy more providers and more products and options to choose from and transparency. Providers earn more because they can sell more. Their reach has increased, international opportunities are being unlocked and they can take advantage of the platform's digital technology investment without having to develop it themselves. And thanks to a more powerful bundled marketing strategy, it is easier to make use of services developed in the platform, products from other participants and develop and sell new propositions.

We use the network effects of our Associates Des Arts platform to connect parties in the art and interior design industry and allow them to enjoy the collective, while enhancing their individuality.