With these events we offer our Associates the opportunity to establish and maintain personal connections and to do business.

With Dinner Des Arts we invite artists and designers to our dining table. While enjoying three courses, we add value by connecting and having a dialogue. read more ->

With Theatre Des Arts, we organize up close and personal meetings with artisans and designers,
using the decor of the most extraordinary historical buildings. Let us surprise you and spread the buzz... read more->

For Salon Des Arts we thoroughly curate artists in order to blend the artworks seamlessly with the designs in a showroom of an Associate. read more ->

Throughout the year, Associates Des Arts sets up galleries at chique locations in the Netherlands and abroad. Be overwhelmed by the high-end art- and design pieces presented... read more ->

Expand your network and put some fresh wind in your sails by joining Associates On Board in a Bavaria, sailing yacht on the famous Dutch waters!… read more ->

Develop your skills with the dedicated help of our experts! With College Des Arts we zoom in on specific Business Development subjects, such as media, content, branding, communication, networking etc. read more ->